2015–2017 Justin B Rye

This subdirectory is now being used to store two sets of mothballed web pages.

Demon Site Archive

From April 1997 right through to August 2017 all my pages were available under on the website we had originally got for free with our flat's residential dialup account.  When I finally had to migrate away from that URL, I also simplified the directory structure, eliminating the useless top level.  The communal pages that used to reside outside my personal section are now archived here.

One that I'm leaving out is the “Caffeine Users' Personal Preferences Archive”.  For many years the flat's shared server lived in the kitchen, which meant we had a good practical reason for having a web page that documented the ways residents and visitors took their coffee and/or tea; but the Java applet that was included just for the sake of the pun was such a terrible piece of legacy code that I'd rather let that page rest in peace.

Filler Pages

These were some of the first pages uploaded to the Demon site back in the nineties.  Most of them were only intended as throwaway gags to pad out the collection, but they might as well stay, as long as they're stored somewhere tidy where people aren't going to trip over them while they're looking for the real content.