[no longer being updated]
1997–2014 Justin B Rye


Emmental, so called for historical reasons, is a rented tenement flat in Edinburgh.  We're keeping its precise street address a little vague for the sake of security, but it's somewhere on the above map.  There has been considerable turnover in tenants since 1997, when it first gained a presence on the web – so here's a roll‐call:

An Emmental resident 2003–2004; his mini‐network was always semi‐autonomous, so there's no point sending mail here for him.  He has now gone to live in New Zealand; but you're probably more likely to find him in Everquest.
Resident 1999–2003, which wasn't long enough to bully her into getting a PC or a web page; now lives in a place of her own just off round the corner.
Resident 2004–2009 (when he found himself a place of his own up the road); owner of the machine known as mam.
Edmund Strangely (owner of the machine named kukulcan) arrived in 1997, and even produced an attempt at a web page… though it wasn't really worth saving after he had to move out in early 1999.
Resident 2003–2013, and owner of kawil.  Never mind producing new pages, Eden never even bothered salvaging the material he had on Cluefactory.
A founder resident (his computer was named zotz); moved south in 1997 to work on the Human Genome Project and set up his own Demon site next door to ours (now gone).
Eden's sister stayed here briefly in mid‐2001, but now lives 10,000 miles away.  She used to have a good token web page illustrated by Nik over on Cluefactory.
Founder resident, webmaster, and, it turned out, sole significant contributor.  Owner of hurakan (among other machines).
Jon Middleton was a founder resident, and owned PCs named ixtab and ixchel; like Graham he ascended to a higher plane of existence, moving out in 2000 to set up his own site (now retired).
John Mather was the original creator of xibalba (the network, the computer, and the dialup account), though his own page only said “This page intentionally left blank”.  Then in 1999 tragedy struck.  Still missing.
Briefly an Emmental resident in 2003; she already had pages on various short‐lived sites, but all that's left now is LiveJournal.
The nearest Neal got to being a resident was sleeping on our couch after a party, but somehow he ended up leaving some guest pages here back in the nineties.  Gone now.
Nik Strychnine was a founder resident, only moving out in 2010.  Inherited ahpuk, then owned a string of PCs named ekchuah.  Retired his token page in favour of a LiveJournal pointer.
Young Rich stayed for most of a year (2001–2002), but barely even had an account on our system.
Resident 2003–2004, and owner of yumcaax.  If you want to contact him now, though, you're best off looking for his LiveJournal, and/or trying the thing that occasionally claims to be a web page over here.

The original point of having a catalogue of Emmental residents was that they were either going to set up web pages here, or at least publish their contact details; but now that I've finally run out of flatmates who are interested in being listed even pseudonymously, I suppose I might as well declare it officially defunct.  A pity, because we've had some really… interesting population fluctuations lately, but you lot won't get to hear about them.