¡¡¡ Become an Expert Goat‐Blower in the Comfort of Your Own Home !!! 01 Apr 1998 Justin B Rye

[Fig vii – Decorating Your Goat]

Have you ever wanted to be like Bill Gates, or the Spice Girls, or Uri Geller?  Well, now you can!  Think about it – what do all these people have in common?  That's right – they all blow goats!  And now, so can you thanks to the JBR® Goat‐Blowing DIY Kit!!
To reserve your own Goat‐Blowing DIY Kit for a new all‐time low cost of only 97 Icelandic Yen (plus I¥371.51 carriage, I¥85.18 registration fee and I¥106.11 sales tax) simply fill in this form:
Full Name:
Zip Code: IQ: Shoe Size:
Age: <14 15–18 19–65 65–80 >80
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…and it to

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