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By popular demand, a nice straightforward sitemap.

index.html 10 a Home Page welcome mat
allo.html 89 ls Alternese English −1066
astro.html 39 sr Astro­nomically Unlikely space junk science
attic/index.html 04 a Attic Index mothballed pages
attic/emmental.html 08 i Emmental Residents flatmates roll‐call
attic/goat.html 07 hr How to Blow Goats advertorial
attic/groovy.html 03 hl Groovy! cod diatribe
attic/john.html 03 i Missing: John Mather 1999 news item
attic/qnaire98.html 08 i Not‐SFSoc '98 Question­naire virtual yearbook
attic/xfiles.html 16 h The ‑X Files conspiracy theory
attic/xibalba.html 21 i The Xibalba Network namespace key
attic/y2k.html 04 fhr Y2k Is Not C21 why I cared
babel2/index.html 22 fls Babel 2.0 predictive text
canon.html 82 hs Loose Canon Star Wars apocrypha
chrono.html 43 s SF Chrono­physics fantasy physics
contents.html 54 a Contents Index you are here
crypto.html 32 l Ostamer con‐trick language
cv/index.html 02 i Curriculum Vitae résumé (retired)
euro/index.html 81 ls Europan a xenolang
exo/index.html 12 hs SF Exo­biology Top Tropes index
exo/00.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Amorphoids
exo/01.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Astro­locustoids
exo/02.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Biospheroids
exo/03.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Bolshevo­termitoids
exo/04.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Centauroids
exo/05.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Chrysanthemoids
exo/06.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Cosmo­cetaceanoids
exo/07.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Crystaloids
exo/08.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Diaboloids
exo/09.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Eco­rodentoids
exo/10.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Ecto­plasmoids
exo/11.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Enigmoids
exo/12.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Felinoids
exo/13.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Feminoids
exo/14.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Giga­bacilloids
exo/15.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Graciloids
exo/16.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Hydroids
exo/17.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Hyper­extremo­philoids
exo/18.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Ichthyoids
exo/19.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Insectoids
exo/20.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Macro­pygmoids
exo/21.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Mecha­nautoids
exo/22.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Mega­cerebroids
exo/23.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Muppetoids
exo/24.html 05 hs SF Exo­biology Nano­viroids
exo/25.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Necro­polypoids
exo/26.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Neuro­parasitoids
exo/27.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Ornithoids
exo/28.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Pachydermoids
exo/29.html 05 hs SF Exo­biology Palaeo­sophontoids
exo/30.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Para­hominoids
exo/31.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Plastoids
exo/32.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Poly­morphoids
exo/33.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Pseudo­morphoids
exo/34.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Pyro­vorticoids
exo/35.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Robodroids
exo/36.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Robustoids
exo/37.html 05 hs SF Exo­biology Romanoids
exo/38.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Sauroids
exo/39.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Silicoids
exo/40.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Spectraloids
exo/41.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Synthumazoids
exo/42.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Telluroids
exo/43.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Terato­cephaloids
exo/44.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Theo­maticoids
exo/45.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Triploids
exo/46.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Tyranno­molluscoids
exo/47.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Ursinoids
exo/48.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Xeno­ethnoids
exo/49.html 04 hs SF Exo­biology Zeta­reticuloids
faq.html 08 i Frequently Asked Questions basic info
futurese.html 70 fls Futurese 3000 AD American
hoot.html 21 rs Crowd‐Hoot UK TV SF '96–'06
imo.html 06 ir In My Opinion… misc assertions
intro.html 06 ai Intro foreword
l4892/index.html 11 ls Constructed Language #4892 preface
l4892/i.html 16 ls Constructed Language #4892 §I: glossary
l4892/ii.html 16 ls Constructed Language #4892 §II: sounds
l4892/iii.html 12 ls Constructed Language #4892 §III: numbers
l4892/iv.html 11 ls Constructed Language #4892 §IV: nouns
l4892/v.html 13 ls Constructed Language #4892 §V: adjuncts
l4892/vi.html 15 ls Constructed Language #4892 §VI: pronouns
l4892/vii.html 11 ls Constructed Language #4892 §VII: verbs
l4892/viii.html 14 ls Constructed Language #4892 §VIII: clauses
l4892/ix.html 13 ls Constructed Language #4892 §IX: syntax
l4892/x.html 15 ls Constructed Language #4892 §X: coinages
l4892/xi.html 17 ls Constructed Language #4892 §XII: examples
l4892/xii.html 52 ls Constructed Language #4892 §XII: lexicon
l4892/xiii.html 50 ls Constructed Language #4892 §XIII: nocixel
l4892/xiv.html 12 ls Constructed Language #4892 §XIV: addenda
lingo.html 40 ls SF Xeno­linguistics fantasy grammar
links.html 05 als Links Page web favourites
linux/index.html 04 ag GNU/Linux Index spoddery ghetto
linux/dwim.html 05 gl DWIM IT lexicography
linux/esl.html 66 gl ESL style guide
linux/ianap.html 07 gi IANAP what I'm not
linux/pc.html 04 gi PC on my desktop
linux/wibni.html 12 gs WIBNI software wishlist
linux/ymmv.html 27 gr YMMV holy wars
log/index.html 04 a What's New current changelog
log/1997.html 04 a What's Old 1997 changelog
log/1998.html 08 a What's Old 1998 changelog
log/1999.html 10 a What's Old 1999 changelog
log/2000.html 06 a What's Old 2000 changelog
log/2001.html 05 a What's Old 2001 changelog
log/2002.html 06 a What's Old 2002 changelog
log/2003.html 06 a What's Old 2003 changelog
log/2004.html 06 a What's Old 2004 changelog
log/2005.html 06 a What's Old 2005 changelog
log/2006.html 04 a What's Old 2006 changelog
log/2007.html 07 a What's Old 2007 changelog
log/2008.html 06 a What's Old 2008 changelog
log/2009.html 06 a What's Old 2009 changelog
log/2010.html 06 a What's Old 2010 changelog
log/2011.html 06 a What's Old 2011 changelog
log/2012.html 05 a What's Old 2012 changelog
log/2013.html 06 a What's Old 2013 changelog
log/2014.html 08 a What's Old 2014 changelog
log/2015.html 09 a What's Old 2015 changelog
log/2016.html 08 a What's Old 2016 changelog
log/2017.html 07 a What's Old 2017 changelog
log/2018.html 05 a What's Old 2018 changelog
log/2019.html 04 a What's Old 2019 changelog
log/2020.html 05 a What's Old 2020 changelog
log/2021.html 05 a What's Old 2021 changelog
log/2022.html 06 a What's Old 2022 changelog
log/2023.html 05 a What's Old 2023 changelog
log/log.html 09 a What's Old meta‐log
mailto.html 03 a Mailbox mailto:jbr
mince.html 15 rs Fandom Mince SF litcrit squibs
mytho.html 87 ls Mytho­linguistics deconlangs
ortho.html 51 lr Spelling Reform straw men
phono/index.html 10 il A to Z index to JBR RP
phono/a.html 06 il A to Z A
phono/b.html 06 il A to Z B
phono/c.html 10 il A to Z C
phono/d.html 05 il A to Z D
phono/e.html 05 il A to Z E
phono/f.html 05 il A to Z F
phono/g.html 05 il A to Z G
phono/h.html 04 il A to Z H
phono/i.html 04 il A to Z I
phono/j.html 03 il A to Z J
phono/k.html 03 il A to Z K
phono/l.html 05 il A to Z L
phono/m.html 06 il A to Z M
phono/n.html 04 il A to Z N
phono/o.html 04 il A to Z O
phono/p.html 09 il A to Z P
phono/q.html 03 il A to Z Q
phono/r.html 05 il A to Z R
phono/s.html 08 il A to Z S
phono/t.html 06 il A to Z T
phono/u.html 04 il A to Z U
phono/v.html 04 il A to Z V
phono/w.html 05 il A to Z W
phono/x.html 03 il A to Z X
phono/y.html 03 il A to Z Y
phono/z.html 03 il A to Z Z
phono/key.html 66 il Phonemic Tran­scription key to JBR RP
pleisto.html 79 ls Pleisto­cenese −40K Neanderthal
ranto/index.html 99 lr Learn Not to Speak Esperanto main section
ranto/a.html 10 lr Appendices A: FAQ
ranto/b.html 37 lr Appendices B: Fundamento
ranto/c.html 13 lr Appendices C: timeline
ranto/d.html 10 lr Appendices D: grammar
ranto/e.html 10 lr Appendices E: sexism
ranto/f.html 06 lr Appendices F: politics
ranto/g.html 02 lr Appendices G: [TBA]
ranto/h.html 10 lr Appendices H: allophony
ranto/i.html 11 lr Appendices I: inventories
ranto/j.html 07 lr Appendices J: misspellings
ranto/k.html 12 lr Appendices K: lexicophagy
ranto/l.html 10 lr Appendices L: morphology
ranto/m.html 08 lr Appendices M: living
ranto/n.html 08 lr Appendices N: groundplans
ranto/o.html 09 lr Appendices O: root‐classes
ranto/p.html 08 lr Appendices P: tense
ranto/q.html 13 lr Appendices Q: aspect
ranto/r.html 09 lr Appendices R: subjects
ranto/s.html 09 lr Appendices S: valency
ranto/t.html 02 lr Appendices T: [TBA]
ranto/u.html 14 lr Appendices U: “correlatives”
ranto/v.html 07 lr Appendices V: leftovers
ranto/w.html 07 lr Appendices W: onomastics
ranto/x.html 08 lr Appendices X: comparables
ranto/y.html 07 lr Appendices Y: goofometer
ranto/z.html 12 lr Appendices Z: mailbox
ranto/hh.html 08 hl Addendum Ĥ: misshapes
ranto/_.html 08 hl Nosfe­ranto movie promo
retro/index.html 12 frs Retro‐Futurology preface/addenda
retro/acc.html 49 frs Retro‐Futurology Arthur C. Clarke
retro/ia.html 23 frs Retro‐Futurology Isaac Asimov
retro/ps.html 09 frs Retro‐Futurology ACC postscript
retro/rah.html 46 frs Retro‐Futurology Robert A. Heinlein
sfstats.html 62 is Fantastic Statistics e‐reread
shevek.html 15 ls Shevek names and rules
trek/index.html 88 rs Star Trek Mark Two archive/omnibus
trek/0.html 13 rs Star Trek Mark Two §0: introduction
trek/1.html 20 rs Star Trek Mark Two §1: technology
trek/2.html 10 rs Star Trek Mark Two §2: astrogation
trek/3.html 14 rs Star Trek Mark Two §3: plots
trek/4.html 18 rs Star Trek Mark Two §4: universe
trek/5.html 12 rs Star Trek Mark Two §5: xenobiology
trek/6.html 11 rs Star Trek Mark Two §6: stardrives
trek/7.html 18 rs Star Trek Mark Two §7: transporters
trek/8.html 10 rs Star Trek Mark Two §8: holodecks
trek/9.html 19 rs Star Trek Mark Two §9: ideology
trek/gen.html 13 hs ST:TOS Plot Generator DIY flowchart
trek/next.html 17 fs Babylon 5 Mark Two another sequel
vectors.html 09 hs Vectors VR dreamworld