Please Update Your Bookmarks
Justin B Rye 20 Feb 17

These pages have lived at (the website we originally got for free with the residential dialup account for this flat) since April 1997.  The one thing that URL had going for it was stability: I kept it stubbornly unchanged while Demon Internet went through a long process of being bought by a company that was then swallowed by a bigger one, and so on.  As the digestive acids ate away Demon's hosting service, the site was in the process of migrating over to a new home.  However, it now looks as if I'll finally be moving out of the flat and closing down the Demon account at some point soon anyhow.  It's unclear whether the old URL will survive to see its twentieth anniversary; either way, please make sure your bookmarks have been updated to point at

Since the change of domain also involves shaving off the old vestigial top‐level directory, some of the pages that once resided up there are now archived in this subdirectory:

One that I'm leaving out is the “Caffeine Users' Personal Preferences Archive”.  For many years the flat's shared server lived in the kitchen, which meant we had a good practical reason for having a webpage that documented the ways residents and visitors took their coffee and/or tea; but the Java applet that was included just for the sake of the pun was such a terrible piece of legacy code that I'd rather let that page rest in peace.