The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: formless, essentially fluid globs of protoplasm

Variants: range from furry amoebas through translucent slime‐creatures to sentient clouds of vapour

Also Known As: Squoshoggs, Oozozoans, or Dribbles

Origin: illegally imported from the planet Blobulus (don't ask how they smuggle them)

LOOKS: better than you would look after being forced through a grating E
BRAINS: it's far from clear where they'd keep them 80
LETHALITY: often wildly omnivorous, but sloppy eaters 0.32
CULTURE: handicapped by fuzzy ego boundaries 08
HARDNESS: ductile and malleable, but not all that soft in the SF sense
TOKENISM: creatures that can fission or re‐merge half‐way through the census make it hard to establish quotas 05

Religion: worship the Chaos Gods as irregularly as possible

Weakness: liquid nitrogen

Call: an adorable high‐pitched piping

Not To Be Confused With: the Polymorphoids, who are fundamentally similar but try not to look like it

See Also: the Nanoviroids, which are even harder to filter out