The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: they have a telepathic hive‐mind and an instinctive loathing of capitalistic free‐market economies

Variants: the original lunar ant‐people (with their rigidly hereditary caste system) were ultra‐right‐wing

Also Known As: Space‐Wasps, Leninoptera, or Charlie

Origin: the red star Kremlon Omega

LOOKS: hideous in a cool‐looking sort of way X
BRAINS: only the specialist intelligentsia caste can reason its way out of a paper bag 70
LETHALITY: fearless, bitey, and innumerable 0.7
CULTURE: each member of the collective is perfectly suited to its allotted role, and yet they somehow completely fail to produce any honey 06
HARDNESS: infest the entire genre from hard end to soft
TOKENISM: token lefties for political balance 51

Diet: regurgitated gruel

Religion: regurgitated Marxism

Favourite Colour: red

Affiliated With: constantly trying to infiltrate the Moreaunian Movement


See Also: Theomaticoids for real state centralisation

Hobbies: sometimes almost all of them claim to be drones, which is frankly bizarre given that the only duty of a drone is to take part in orgies