The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: living spaceships and suchlike astro‐behemoths

Variants: star‐fish, ‐cuttlefish, and ‐crayfish

Also Known As: Mobeians, Warptitans, or Space‐Orca

Origin: stellar nurseries

LOOKS: gracefully aerodynamic body (for some reason), shame about the face C−
BRAINS: borderline sentient, which must be why space‐hippies look up to them 70
LETHALITY: powerful but pacifistic (until you point a harpoon at Junior) 0.04
CULTURE: often seem to be loners, and never show much sign of social structure 10
HARDNESS: usually equipped with the vaguest stardrive imaginable
TOKENISM: strictly protected, except against their enemies 35

Religion: independent Moreaunian

Fuel Consumption: 16.4 litres ⁄ parsec

Hobbies: singing, or strictly speaking just humming

Not Affiliated With: the Ichthyoids, who hate travelling, even in cuttlecraft

Natural Predators: Gigabacilloid infestations

Wardrobe: ditto