The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: diminutive, acquisitive, reclusive packrat scavengers

Variants: spacehamsters in cowls or cratermice in knitted armour

Also Known As: Scavvers, Kleptids, or Wahwahs

Origin: a seemingly lifeless desert planet which is nonetheless populated by a variety of other things (though one subtribe of packrat‐people appears to be native to Earth's Wimbledon Common)

LOOKS: can be either cute and charming or weird and sinister B−
BRAINS: can repair any sort of automaton, but never think to build a production line 115
LETHALITY: cowardly and useless in a fight – even storm­troopers use them as target practice 0.01
CULTURE: constructed from the leftovers of more industrious civilisations; ingenious, but insanitary 54
HARDNESS: engineers in a universe where all technology is magic
TOKENISM: get lots of points for recycling 76

Religion: believe in a cycle of death, composting, and rebirth

Call: unintelligible jabbering/whistling noises

Favoured System of Government: military dictatorship

Wardrobe: could be Pantellurian Fraternity‐approved, but isn't

Natural Predators: those darn Felinoids

Affiliated With: associate members of the Silicon Federation (as tech support)

Not To Be Confused With: the similarly dressed Teratocephaloids