The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: catlike near‐humanoids

Variants: dogs, rabbits, and other housepets are rarer (they're less likely to pester an author in need of inspiration)

Also Known As: Bubasteans, Khittans, or Maozrrhoids

Origin: Alpha Ralpha III, in the Anthrocon sector

LOOKS: d'aw! A+
BRAINS: humanlike intelligence, except that they can't spell “cheese­burger” 100
LETHALITY: apparently they're highly militaristic, which always makes me wonder how you'd go about training cats to march in formation 0.42
CULTURE: strongly social, holding regular pride festivals 64
HARDNESS: set to take a dive now that they can do CGI furries
TOKENISM: frequently break the rules by appearing in matched pairs (for instance felinoids alongside caninoids) 15

Religion: backbone of the Moreaunian Movement, but best kept away from some of its other members

Wardrobe: could be compliant with Pantellurian Fraternity guidelines, but isn't

Coat: shorthair, most commonly tabby or colourpoint

Weakness: laser pointers

Not To Be Confused With: lupinoids have got nothing to do with Chrysanthemoids

See Also: the Ursinoids, distinguishable by their less peculiar knees