The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: ultra‐humanoids on the “smug bumhead” end of the spectrum

Variants: half‐albinos, half‐past‐elvens, and blue‐blooded Space‐Fairies

Also Known As: El'phinoi, Phæii, or Anoraki

Origin: Elitium Prime, in the stellar cluster of Messier‐Fforbes‐Alphar

LOOKS: sophisticated‐looking but queasy‐complexioned A−−
BRAINS: tend to specialise in either techno‐sorcery or mentalism 200
LETHALITY: unless they can do psi‐aikido they tend to be pretty helpless; even if they're armed their guns are normally set on stun 0.12
CULTURE: effetely highbrow super‐aesthetes (unless they're degenerate half‐eloi) 86
HARDNESS: equivalent to apatite on the SF Mohs scale 5
TOKENISM: average to mediocre 50

Arch‐Rivals: those Robustoid jocks

Primary Trading Partners: ditto

Dominant Language: High Aëi'ouyese

Wardrobe: strict members of the Pantellurian Fraternity

Affiliated With: co‐founders of the Fellowship of Responsible Planetary Governments

See Also: emeritus members of the Union of Field Observers