The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: web‐fingered, gill‐throated, guppy‐eyed creatures who are nonetheless most often encountered on land

Variants: range from amphibious salamandroids to more streamlined morphs with actual fish‐tails (but hands as well)

Also Known As: Marshans, Abysmals, or Wet Ones

Origin: may technically be terrestrial, but don't tell them that

LOOKS: manage not to resemble mermaids in any way D+
BRAINS: deep thinkers with well oiled brains 105
LETHALITY: rely on zombie‐style mass shuffling/wading attacks by slack‐faced drooling mobs 0.18
CULTURE: unfathomably ancient seabed cities with names like “Eth'ethethë‐Theth” 76
HARDNESS: the soggy end of SF–Horror
TOKENISM: token gill‐breathers 57

Religion: a secretive cult which may be connected with the Amorphoids and/or Teratocephaloids

Wardrobe: may wear string vests or fishbowl helmets, but never anything approved by the Pantellurian Fraternity

Natural Predators: the Ornithoids and/or Felinoids

Favourite Colour: blue

Affiliated With: the Union of Field Observers, which seems like cheating

Not To Be Confused With: their drier cousins the Sauroids

See Also: the deep‐ocean variant of Ectoplasmoids