The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: non‐hive‐mind bug‐people, like giant mantises, cockroaches, or spiders (yes, I know)

Variants: bepincered, hard‐skinned humanoids with multifaceted eyes but generally only four limbs

Also Known As: Arthranthropoids, Qriippiiqrollii, or BEMs

Origin: Weta Malathion 21A, in the Prawn Nebula

LOOKS: disconcerting but shiny, at least with a bit of carapace‐wax C+
BRAINS: smart but abnormally bad at speaking English (tendency to buzz) 115
LETHALITY: have an array of pinchy‐bitey‐stingy bits, and commonly carry three or four venom‐pistols 0.53
CULTURE: thoroughly but mundanely alien (they sit around in swivel‐hammocks reading scratch‐and‐sniff comic books) 70
HARDNESS: often used as certified‐non­anthropo­morphic aliens
TOKENISM: don't in fact get to count as token insects 25

Diet: anything small, wet, and wriggly, such as newborn puppies

Favourite Colour: near ultraviolet

Religion: Moreaunian sectoids

Lucky Number: six (so they get on well with the Triploids)

Not To Be Confused With: they are not now and have never been Bolshevotermitoids

See Also: the artificially exoskeletal Mechanautoids