The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: bodiless (and skullless) pulsating brains

Variants: large and levitating or colossal and immured in fortifications

Also Known As: Lobesters, Kraniax, or Great Big Thinkers

Origin: a plinth on the planet Neo‐Corticon Aleph‐One

LOOKS: available in a wide variety of unattractive colours D−
BRAINS: yes 250
LETHALITY: vulnerable but equipped with psi powers 0.13
CULTURE: claim to be super‐evolved intellectuals, but spend all their time vegetating in front of the wrestling 36
HARDNESS: nobody notices that they're always giant human brains
TOKENISM: omniplegics register as disabled 78

Religion: Platonist

Not Affiliated With: anybody (they don't get out much)

Favoured System of Government: rule by an even bigger brain created for the purpose

Weakness: alcohol

Natural Predators: the Teratocephaloids, who don't even cook them first

Not To Be Confused With: the merely big‐headed Graciloids