The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: pint‐sized, rounded, short‐necked creatures with expressively waving arms but only rudimentary legs

Variants: ponderous, rounded, often long‐necked creatures with reduced arms and treetrunk legs

Also Known As: Phragulidae, Jhimensons, or Dojoans

Origin: Koozebane II½

LOOKS: homely, and made of simulated plush C+
BRAINS: credited with great spiritual wisdom because they do nothing but sit about looking constipated 110
LETHALITY: toothless and only rarely capable of kung fu 0.055
CULTURE: they pretend to be into the whole organic lifestyle thing, but how would they build a techno­logical civilisation with sausage fingers like those? 62
HARDNESS: largely confined to space opera
TOKENISM: somewhat prone to illicit multiple instances within a setting 23

Religion: woolly phenomenologists

Hobbies: juggling (whether manual, telekinetic, or syntactic)

Weakness: intrinsic fire hazard

Wardrobe: not compliant with Pantellurian Fraternity rules – their legs may seem strangely fabricky, but those aren't trousers

Not To Be Confused With: the similarly textured Ecorodentoids