The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: endosymbionts that take the direct approach to mind control

Variants: external and/or psychic rather than internal and physiological

Also Known As: Headriders, Brainlice, or Happy Fun Worms

Origin: Iota Quadrant, which is so obscure it doesn't even have a postal code

LOOKS: ew, there's a tapeworm up your nose Z
BRAINS: they can use yours 20
LETHALITY: they don't want you dead, and once you don your leechproof tinfoil hat they can't touch you 0.005
CULTURE: 100 % pirated 04
HARDNESS: infeasible, but often introduced via genuine parasit­ological references
TOKENISM: multiple types of host don't count as a breach of the one‐per‐setting rule 31

Motto: infiltrate, dominate, sporulate

Wardrobe: indirectly compliant with Pantellurian Fraternity guidelines (they go on the host‐body's legs, but it's the parasite that's wearing the trousers)

Favourite Colour: grey

Would Like To Meet: open‐minded Megacerebroids

Affiliated With: the least conspicuous agents of the Conciliary Ententicles

See Also: the even more insidious Polymorphoids and Synthumazoids, plus the much less insidious Astrolocustoids