The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: difficult, because they're voluntary shapeshifters

Variants: illusionary rather than physical form‐switchers

Also Known As: Quick‐changers, Mutiles, or Whatchamacallits

Origin: Chameleos (but they always claim that's in the Mediterranean)

LOOKS: it depends who's looking – their true form is generally a shambling pile of tentacles C+
BRAINS: often hamstrung by identity‐crisis angst attacks 100
LETHALITY: guns made of meat rarely work, but they do get a backstabbing bonus 0.26
CULTURE: a farrago of plagiarised ideas 40
HARDNESS: especially fantastical ones are mass‐changers, too
TOKENISM: capable of exceptionally high levels of ethnic diversity per individual 99

Religion: easily converted polytheists

Motto: mutatis mutandis

Wardrobe: claim to be members of the Pantellurian Fraternity, but disconcertingly aren't

Affiliated With: claim not to be members of the Conciliary Ententicles, but disconcertingly are

Arch‐Rivals: the Synthumazoids (amateurs!)

Not To Be Confused With: the involuntarily metamorphosing Enigmoids