The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: precisely resemble some unremarkable terrestrial artefact in a fashion that scuppers their landing party's diplomatic efforts

Variants: precisely resemble some unremarkable terrestrial organism (hijinks ensue)

Also Known As: Zanussians, Garilarsans, or [¤℥⋆☠]oids

Origin: Uranus

LOOKS: misidentified flying objects C
BRAINS: distinctly slow on the uptake 80
LETHALITY: dangerous until they get so angry they resort to using their deadly H₂O pistols 0.3
CULTURE: rich and complex and jam‐packed with unfortunate features (“now let us decapitate one another and exchange heads!”) 74
HARDNESS: flying saucer farce rates somewhere below space opera
TOKENISM: you really can't get away with more than one of these in the same setting 41

Religion: worship the sacred goatse of peace and love

Affiliated With: the Union of Field Observers

Not Affiliated With: the Silicon Federation (though they may look as if they should be)

To Be Confused With: the Enigmoids


See Also: the Polymorphoids, who know better than to look like this