The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: robots not in disguise

Variants: technical cyborgs – they look the same, but have a yummy protein‐rich centre

Also Known As: Technobots, Electro‐Folk, or Mektoks

Origin: Universally Unique Planet ID 9W3A85‒u4_sb34Enb78jD043_i6OZ64l

LOOKS: have no aesthetic sense but do at least polish occasionally C++
BRAINS: hugely logical, though with poor exception handling 150
LETHALITY: being robotic makes it harder for them to produce idiomatic English sentences but easier for them to kill people 0.75
CULTURE: perfectly organised to be efficient at doing nothing terribly constructive 16
HARDNESS: much less interested in compiler optimisations than you'd expect
TOKENISM: machine tokenism 62

Religion: soulless atheists, and often fanatical about converting others (at least for the soullessness part)

Lucky Number: two


Weakness: even if they can manage stairs I'm sure they'd be stymied by a rope‐ladder

Affiliated With: the Union of Field Observers; also the most publicly active members of the Silicon Federation

Not To Be Confused With: the Mechanautoids (in disguise as robots)