The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: an animated pile of stones, limbs optional

Variants: more bipedal forms – rock‐giants, cement‐monsters, and lava‐golems

Also Known As: Qwortzites, Trolians, or Xilixxians

Origin: the acid‐lakes, ammonia‐swamps, and soda‐fountains of Obsidia

LOOKS: not conventionally attractive – in fact downright craggy D+
BRAINS: okay, so they have rocks for brains 75
LETHALITY: liable to fly off the handle at the first reminder of the way galactic society is prejudiced against biochemical minorities 0.47
CULTURE: a culture rich in rock art, rock gardening, and rock opera 58
HARDNESS: on the SF Mohs scale they're up there near (the silicate) topaz 8
TOKENISM: zero‐carbon tokenism 74

Religion: have an unfortunate tendency to worship the Crystaloids

Affiliated With: form the foundation of the Silicon Federation

Formula: SiO₂ + C → Si + CO₂


Not To Be Confused With: the Chrysanthemoids (perambulating rockeries vs. perambulating shrubberies)

See Also: the Hydroids, who refuse to consider themselves a biochemical minority