The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: androids incognito, with all the LEDs normally concealed under epidermal panels

Variants: the biotechnological version, created by injecting stem cells with monosodium glutamate

Also Known As: Fabricants, Nylons, or Infiltration‐Units

Origin: the unwisely named planet Autorobocybermaticon

LOOKS: superficially very humanlike except for the slightly unconvincing wigs (and occasionally their eyes) B
BRAINS: smart enough to extract instant cube roots, dumb enough to forget that it's a dead giveaway 160
LETHALITY: they're super‐strong, but whenever they're rumbled they try to strangle the witness as slowly as possible 0.16
CULTURE: just emulate all the easily automated parts of other cultures 24
HARDNESS: like orthoclase feldspar on the SF Mohs scale 6
TOKENISM: refuse to register as a category 00

Religion: pseudoscientologists

Wardrobe: satisfy Pantellurian Fraternity requirements by wearing a layer of real leather over the layer of fake skin

Affiliated With: non‐card‐carrying members of the Silicon Federation

Weakness: magnets

Arch‐Rivals: the Polymorphoids (cheaters!)

Not To Be Confused With: the out‐and‐proud Robodroids