The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: trivially modified humans, perennially reinvented for Galaxy Quest and its imitators

Variants: each alien‐of‐the‐week has one minor distinguishing racial characteristic and obsesses over it

Also Known As: Taylorans, Terylenes, Tylerites, Taloreans, Terralides, Tellareens, Taralans, Telirons, Tyroleans… whatever

Origin: the planet Telluria, in the constellation of Phi Beta Kappa

LOOKS: suffer from unsightly faciocranial excrescences C+
BRAINS: they seem dense, but by the standards of their idiotically scripted universe they're absolutely average 100
LETHALITY: not particularly proficient with their somewhat dull weapons 0.08
CULTURE: prefabricated 26
HARDNESS: equivalent to apatite on the SF Mohs scale 5
TOKENISM: fail 01

Religion: vaguely anglican

Favoured System Of Government: often Theomaticoids or Tyrannomolluscoids

Wardrobe: founders of the Pantellurian Fraternity; variants also get one distinctive hat per species

Affiliated With: the Union of Field Observers

Not To Be Confused With: the more interestingly prosthetic‐foreheaded Robustoids

See Also: the similarly unique and creative Spectraloids