The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: roughly‐humanoids with mouths full of writhing noodles

Variants: roughly‐humanoids with snouts full of chomping mandibles, foreheads full of squirming eyestalks, or faces full of throbbing unmentionables

Also Known As: Yekhmazoids, Fuglorians, or Grotendoids

Origin: Udon, in the Underlit Zone

LOOKS: like a bulldog chewed by a wasp XX
BRAINS: abhorrent but effective 105
LETHALITY: the original cephalopod‐head was apocalypt­ically evil, but his spawn have got more ineffectual 0.22
CULTURE: fond of cyclopean architecture, though they always get the angles slightly wrong 72
HARDNESS: dragged down by their use in SF–Horror
TOKENISM: token victims of appearance‐based discrimination 39

Religion: devotees of Izaakazamoth

Wardrobe: approved by the Pantellurian Fraternity on the special condition that it includes a headbag

Affiliated With: they're strangely popular – major players in the Conciliary Ententicles, regular members of the Union of Field Observers, and associates of the Fellowship of Responsible Planetary Governments

Hobbies: kitten‐huffing

Not To Be Confused With: those other weird‐faced bipeds, the Plastoids