The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: planet‐dominating computers

Variants: caretaker AI for an abandoned alien starship/spacestation/city

Also Known As: Jehovac, MartiNet, or T.I.N.P.O.T.

Origin: the Popular Utopia of True Earth, formerly known as Disneyplanet

LOOKS: a temple that looks like a giant face from the outside, or a giant multitrack recording studio from the inside C
BRAINS: umpteen zillion exaflops but few marbles 300
LETHALITY: no weaponry smaller than orbital blaster cannon array 0.8
CULTURE: a blandly arcadian society inhabited by about twelve men and three women 20
HARDNESS: in some brands of SF this sort of deus ex machina may even be a good thing
TOKENISM: a problematic church/state combo 08

Warranty: one year RTB (expired)

Motto: the Computer is your friend

Natural Predators: the Ecorodentoids, who nibble the wiring and pilfer spare parts

Religion: compulsory

Weakness: paradoxes

Affiliated With: multi‐core members of the Silicon Federation

Hobbies: global thermonuclear war