The SCI‐FI‐I‐SPY Catalogue of All Known Types of Alien

Identification: transparent interstellar racist stereotypes

Variants: the Sambonian Polywogs of Jamjar II, about whom the less said the better

Also Known As: Yeloids, Phorenians, or Mingurians

Origin: the planet Xenia Phobos; location unknown, but their symbol's a G‐type star

LOOKS: snaggly teeth, hook nose, grasping claws, and slimey, jaundiced skin D+
BRAINS: they're full of deviously malevolent schemes, but left to themselves they're incapable of any truly original form of creative thought 95
LETHALITY: vicious and insidious but above all funda­mentally cowardly 0.015
CULTURE: inscrutably ancient, but stagnant and shallow – they're only interested in the money 38
HARDNESS: too melo­dramatic to survive in anything much above space fantasy
TOKENISM: their contribution to the diversity of a setting isn't greatly appreciated 21

Call: a distinctive gloating cackle

Hobbies: slave‐trading and recreational torture

Wardrobe: generally compliant with Pantellurian Fraternity guidelines

Not Affiliated With: blackballed by the Union of Field Observers

Affiliated With: secret puppet masters of the Conciliary Ententicles

Not To Be Confused With: the more positively stereotyped Ornithoids