2004–2016 Justin B Rye

I first acquired and assembled a computer of my own (running Debian GNU/Linux) at the end of May 1999.  Hurakan got a “home page” which went through a couple of URL changes over the years while continuing to promise that some time real soon now it would turn into a whole set of Linux‐related web pages (“no, really, there aren't enough of those already”).  But the day after Hurakan first booted was also the day I received a field promotion at work to the rank of Professional SysAdmin, taking over from my friend John.  A memorable week; and in an effort to accentuate the positive I chose to celebrate the fifth anniversary by declaring this subdirectory open.  As promised I'm quarantining it strictly away from all my linguistics‐ and SF‐related content!  Pages have been added or retired from time to time, and more may be in the pipeline, but please don't expect any “Latest‑Hardware‑HOWTO” pages.

And this may also be an appropriate place to mention that over on the Debian Wiki I've been working on collecting some answers to the question “Why The Name?”, with occasional assistance from other contributors.