05 Mar 17: header standardisation, link weeding, and phrasing upgrades

01 Mar 17: Espe‐Ranto amendments in advance of next month's big overhaul (the few I could split out and “backport”)

27 Feb 17: celebrating that vigintennial with some cross‐browser font normalisation and home page stylesheeting

20 Feb 17: nearing the twentieth anniversary of this flat's Internet connection it looks as if the lease may give out before our ISP does, so update intro and FAQ

16 Feb 17: more CSS tweaks (e.g. to navigation bars)

01 Feb 17: CSS normalisation and modernisation (e.g. data: URLs)

14 Jan 17: link tweaks, including on the obvious page

02 Jan 17: retiring redundant redirection remnants

01 Jan 17: log‐rolling and incrementing the redirection

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