1998‐12‐18: Xenolinguistics page

1998‐11‐25: fractionally shrank Esperanto page section F5 [since rehoused]

1998‐11‐17: Contents Index

1998‐11‐13: title GIFs [since retired] for Mailbox, Home, Links, and CV pages, and of course here

1998‐11‐01: new “BBC SF” link [since lost]

1998‐10‐29: reconnected my Esperanto mailbox [since rehoused, twice] to my Links page, and reshuffled some examples

1998‐10‐27: changed some overused words on the B5 wishlist

1998‐10‐22: received a new suggestion for my Chronophysics page

1998‐10‐15: finally gave my Babylon 5 wishlist its own banner icons

1998‐10‐13: barely visible changes to my Home page

1998‐10‐11: added a belated cross‐reference from my Esperanto page [since rehoused] to my Spelling Reform page, and corrected a spelling mistake in the latter – how embarasing!

1998‐10‐10: rebugged the ‑X Files for MSIE, and rephrased IMO entry #19 [since retired]

1998‐10‐06: makeover for my CV page

1998‐09‐27: standardised “thumb‐index” system on Heinlein [since rehoused], Spelling Reform, Star Trek, and Chronophysics pages

1998‐09‐24: shaved a few bytes off some icons

1998‐09‐16: Trek rant postscript 3.0 rescued from Revision Gremlins

1998‐09‐15: enhanced Goat‑blowing page (no, not a Lewinsky joke)

1998‐09‐09: tidied Groovy and Heinlein page titles [the latter since rehoused]

1998‐09‐08: tweaked Mailbox for MSIE‑users

1998‐09‐03: Spelling Reform page

1998‐09‐02: start overhaul of Esperanto diatribe [since rehoused]

1998‐09‐01: new IMO entry (#01) and FAQ answer (on bile‑sumps)

1998‐08‐28: this Changelog moves online [since rehoused here]

1998‐08‐07: Mailbox page

1998‐07‐31: Babylon 5 wishlist

1998‐05‐14: Questionnaire page

1998‐04‐01: Goat‑blowing page

1998‐03‐24: Star Trek rant T‑o‑C‑ified

1998‐02‐15: auto‐uploader installed

1998‐01‐28: final manually uploaded edition

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