1999‐12‐31: various Hogmanay updates, especially for Heinlein's Predictions [since rehoused]

1999‐12‐23: tying in new material (e.g. extra home page links)

1999‐12‐16: new page for the linguistics side of the site – a personal Phonemic Transcription Key [since rehoused]

1999‐12‐07: some token HTML 4.0 compliance features

1999‐12‐01: maintenance for the Esperanto page [since rehoused]

1999‐11‐22: minor redecoration for the Spelling Reform page

1999‐11‐01: got my link‐validation system automated (see links page)

1999‐09‐22: FAQ link to an explanation about John

1999‐09‐17: IMO page item #27 [since retired] (and #26 PS)

1999‐09‐01: more Heinlein page stylesheetery [since rehoused]

1999‐08‐10: weblink appeals here and elsewhere to my vanished friend John Mather

1999‐08‐01: added Asimov quote to Heinlein page [since rehoused]

1999‐07‐31: link on B5 page changed, standard byline homepage links made absolute [since removed]

1999‐07‐26: corrected a Trek Rant punctuation typo and a Chronophysics attribution thinko

1999‐07‐25: CV page update

1999‐07‐24: at last, a new SF nitpick page – Fandom Mince!

1999‐07‐01: Heinlein page updates [since rehoused]

1999‐06‐28: removed many <WBR> tags, which new Netscape releases can't cope with

1999‐06‐01: link corrections on CV and Xenolinguistics pages

1999‐05‐31: links for Hurakan, my newly built computer [since rehoused]

1999‐05‐29: latest Esperanto amendments [since rehoused]

1999‐05‐12: additions to my IMO page (#25 [since retired], #26 – renumbering)

1999‐05‐01: updates to the Esperanto mailbox [since rehoused, twice] and additions to the links page

1999‐04‐25: Employment Newsflash page merged into my CV page

1999‐04‐22: the “What's Old” archive [since retired]

1999‐04‐19: final Employment Newsflash update

1999‐04‐14: FAQ revisions

1999‐04‐10: repair work after some upload glitches

1999‐04‐04: monthly link‐validation and maintenance sweep (a bit late – I'm planning to automate it)

1999‐04‐01: postscripts for Star Trek pages 1, 4, and 5 (no April Fool pages this year…)

1999‐03‐22: facelift for the Heinlein page [since rehoused]

1999‐03‐07: stole some new examples for the Spelling Reform page

1999‐03‐03: continuing Newsflash updates, and some new <META> tags

1999‐02‐15: trivial redecoration for the Mailbox and Contents Index

1999‐02‐10: Employment Newsflash – first (false) rumours of potential employment

1999‐02‐09: Spelling Reform “further reading” links

1999‐02‐02: a new FAQ entry

1999‐02‐01: some link‐shuffling on the B5 page

1999‐01‐22: more IMO page changes (#04)

1999‐01‐15: amended IMO entries (#08 [since retired] and #10) and concluded a set of revisions on the Esperanto page [since rehoused]

1999‐01‐11: rejigged the “new!” labels, and updated details of the FAQ, links, and B5 pages

1999‐01‐07: post‐finale Babylon 5 afterthoughts, and changes in the Spelling Reform page (§4 – thanks to alt.usage.english correspondents)

1999‐01‐01: new year revisions for ‑X Files, Xenolinguistics, and Home pages

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