17 Dec 00: another Banks website bites the dust – I'll try a Ken MacLeod link instead

28 Nov 00: Esperanto page nitpicking sweep [since rehoused]

23 Nov 00: tweaking that chomskybot link so it actually works

13 Nov 00: link‐maintenance again – pursuing Le Guin, a chomskybot, and a CV reference

09 Sep 00: replaced an unmaintained Compuserve link

27 Aug 00: corrections and clarifications to my Esperanto page [since rehoused]

08 Jul 00: now JJM's leaving me in charge of the Xibalba Network I'd better amend my CV page to reflect the promotion

26 May 00: completing another behind‐the‐scenes HTML‐ and link‐checking blitz

09 May 00: IMO page opinion #29 [since retired]

22 Apr 00: the Demon site's third birthday, and things are looking up.  I'm getting some seriously namedroppable fanmail… and detectable quantities of free time!

14 Apr 00: I'm moving jobs, so time for a CV page overhaul, plus modifications to my FAQ and IMO pages

12 Mar 00: our virtual neighbours are moving to (so that's plenty more URLs to update)

24 Jan 00: one of my favourite links (a tirade vs. link pages) has died… or maybe just moved, but I'll never find it with a websearch!  [cf. 08 Mar 02]

01 Jan 00: Happy Linoleum!  New links for the Xenolinguistics and B5 Wishlist pages

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