2001‐09‐29: further mortalities among the Xenolinguistics and Trekkie links

2001‐09‐27: more phonemic transcriptions by request [since rehoused]

2001‐09‐09: next stage of a gradual Esperanto page facelift [since rehoused]

2001‐09‐03: extra phonemic transcription examples [since rehoused]

2001‐09‐01: various humdrum link‐updates and browser‐portability tweaks

2001‐08‐27: Esperanto page scrutability enhancements [since rehoused]

2001‐06‐30: a new flatmate moving in (among other local news items… see CV page)

2001‐05‐27: a batch of tweaks to my Spelling Reform page

2001‐05‐09: just some more link‐fixing, this time on my phonemic transcription page [since rehoused]

2001‐04‐14: a wave of updates for my birthday, on my FAQ, links, and Esperanto [since rehoused] pages

2001‐03‐19: Star Trek pages going stylesheetified

2001‐03‐01: L#4892 gets a front page link

2001‐02‐28: quarterly corrections (an arithmetical error lurking since 1997) for my Esperanto page [since rehoused]

2001‐02‐03: ongoing work plumbing in and polishing new material

2001‐01‐31: new content at last: L#4892… the Pot Noodle of Conlangs

2001‐01‐01: Happy New Millennium (and no, I'm not retiring that page)!  Once again Hogmanay means link updates for the Xenolinguistics page

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