2002‐12‐31: 20 ⁄ 20 Hindsight Appendix [since rehoused] for my prophet‐mockery page

2002‐12‐12: Linux page updated for new hardware [since rehoused]

2002‐11‐30: more Ranto updates

2002‐11‐10: latest Esperantist feedback [mailbox since rehoused]

2002‐10‐13: find a Solresol link that works

2002‐09‐30: finished a wave of maintenance – new JBR RP examples [since rehoused], invisible mending, link‐fixing (one xenolinguistics link gets a new lease of life), creeping CSSification, and bookmark‐icons (title‐tags for illiterates!)

2002‐09‐11: a new digicam snap for my FAQ page, still exactly 3000 bytes! [since replaced]

2002‐08‐30: add irritating gimmick to my ‑X Files page – it probably won't work for people behind web‐proxies

2002‐07‐23: redesign of Esperanto pages, stage two – extra appendices

2002‐07‐08: another B5 wishlist link I'm refusing to let die [since buried]

2002‐06‐05: links page make‐work

2002‐05‐29: unnecessary link‐maintenance on my B5 wishlist page

2002‐05‐06: PC health updates on my Linux page [since rehoused]

2002‐04‐23: rolled out a big T‑o‑C‑ification of my Esperanto page – the old location will stay available for now [until 2015!]

2002‐04‐14: some birthday updates – a new IMO page opinion (#30), plus reorganisations of my FAQ and home pages

2002‐03‐31: Linux department created [content rehoused]

2002‐03‐28: completed a general style‐tweaking spring‐clean

2002‐03‐08: applying's necromantic powers to my links [since cremated]

2002‐03‐05: general overhaul of the xenolinguistics page

2002‐02‐02: ASCII‐IPA example‐fixes on my phonemics page [since rehoused], and elsewhere to match

2002‐01‐30: an old favourite (© 1991) – the Star Trek Plot Generator!

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