2003‐12‐16: linky improvements on the B5 wishlist, ‑X Files, and Links pages

2003‐12‐08: I've just noticed that as well as having Googlewhacks such as armadillo chronoscopes and transmigrate astrogation I do actually come top for exotic tongues!

2003‐11‐22: geekery, continued

2003‐11‐05: reorganising my Linux page

2003‐10‐19: cleared my Ranto backlog

2003‐10‐12: addenda for the Xenolinguistics page

2003‐10‐11: a wave of tiny fixes all over the place for my new HTML/link‐checking régime

2003‐10‐04: I've been busy with hardware and network upgrades [since rehoused]

2003‐08‐19: first Esperanto mailbox addendum for 2003

2003‐08‐10: old changelog entries retired to What's Old archive

2003‐08‐04: links page maintenance

2003‐07‐04: updated Linux page [since rehoused]

2003‐06‐06: woo, fame at last!

2003‐05‐14: new annoying nonsense on the ‑X Files page

2003‐04‐23: home page PNGification, tying in Futurese

2003‐04‐22: new content!  Futurese – the American language in 3000 AD

2003‐04‐14: FAQ updates (and ongoing PNGification)

2003‐04‐01: minor fifth‐anniversary “enhancements” to my goat‑blowing page

2003‐03‐05: extra JBR RP dialectological examples [since rehoused]

2003‐02‐23: link‐fixes – sorry, I've been preoccupied with hardware trouble [since rehoused]

2003‐02‐10: Heinlein Appendix corrections (#12 & #20) [since rehoused]

2003‐01‐07: yet more Ranto corrections

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