2005‐11‐27: replacement Mayanology link [since retired]

2005‐11‐26: a new PC [since rehoused]

2005‐11‐20: CV tweaks

2005‐10‐31: a Halloween Special (and a front page reshuffle to go with it)

2005‐10‐07: image tweaks and link updates, especially on the holy wars page

2005‐08‐08: a couple of new ranto rewordings and typofixes

2005‐07‐07: linking to an alternative version of the Star Trek Plot Generator

2005‐06‐06: new geekage to celebrate the arrival of Debian Sarge

2005‐05‐13: the JBR RP page [since rehoused] gets some token Real (i.e. Unicode) IPA [since upgraded]

2005‐05‐05: add an FAQ page to my anti‐Esperanto section [since rehoused]

2005‐05‐04: deploying a new, finer‐toothed HTML combing suite

2005‐04‐21: new ranto feedback

2005‐04‐17: FAQish addendum for futurese

2005‐04‐14: updated FAQ (nothing new) and a distro URL [since replaced]

2005‐03‐31: swept my old Trek rant pages for stylistic idiosyncrasies that needn't be preserved (cf. the archive)

2005‐03‐09: futurese amendments

2005‐03‐07: how did I overlook skate?

2005‐02‐17: oops, missed one

2005‐02‐14: latest ranto amendments

2005‐01‐28: a new chronophysics axiom

2005‐01‐23: humph, every time I get a link‐correction ready to upload, the dead URL comes back to life

2005‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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