2007‐12‐01: at last a new page – Pleistocenese

2007‐10‐29: chasing that Space link

2007‐10‐14: a Ranto correction left half‐done since the twentieth century

2007‐09‐22: Spelling Reform page now Unicode‐enriched

2007‐09‐21: some tweaks to HTML entities, CSS, and graphics

2007‐09‐02: software wishlist policy‐compliance fixes

2007‐08‐31: Heinlein page intro addenda [since rehoused]

2007‐08‐14: chronophysics page link‐fix

2007‐06‐21: Demon Internet have fixed their FTP server, and as a bonus they've thrown in a confusing new alternative URL:

2007‐06‐14: now it's Ranto feedback.  Er… except that I can't upload it

2007‐06‐09: extra Polish for a Ranto appendix [since rehoused]

2007‐06‐02: widespread stylesheet tweaks (in the sense of punctuation, not CSS)

2007‐05‐28: creeping Unicodification

2007‐05‐05: hardware news, plus link‐fixes for Lojban and Solresol

2007‐04‐22: and now I'm celebrating ten years of this URL… also available at [since expired]

2007‐04‐14: completing my Ranto overhaul just in time to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the day when Dr L. L. Zamenhof became “La Doktoro Esperinto” (so my FAQ needs tweaking)

2007‐04‐08: a software Easter egg [since retired]

2007‐04‐07: two more updates (nearly finished)

2007‐04‐01: LAN reshuffles

2007‐03‐31: this week, two small updates

2007‐03‐24: episode three

2007‐03‐16: second helping

2007‐03‐09: first of some new Ranto amendments

2007‐03‐08: time for spring‐cleaning already?

2007‐03‐02: extra axioms for my SF Chronophysics page

2007‐02‐28: new Ranto Appendix [since rehoused]

2007‐01‐30: linguistics and spelling reform link‐switches

2007‐01‐25: hardware updates; oh, that's where my free time went

2007‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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