2008‐12‐30: fix a dead Esperantist link [since rehoused] and adjust my spelling of doppelgänger

2008‐12‐02: new Ranto addenda

2008‐12‐01: Futurese orthographic counterbalancing

2008‐11‐30: ten new JBR RP examples [since rehoused]

2008‐11‐29: more dusting, and at last a fresh Opinion (#31)

2008‐11‐28: lots of trivial tidying of nineties HTML, including some pruning of unintentional annoyances from the ‑X Files page

2008‐11‐01: finally add a Ranto Appendix X

2008‐10‐14: CV update for an outbreak of gainful employment

2008‐09‐20: Debian release names update [since retired]

2008‐08‐01: new content – an expanded Retro‑Futurology department

2008‐06‐24: sorry about the downtime (again)

2008‐06‐13: a rare [temporary] link‐ification

2008‐06‐10: finally get my CV versions back in sync

2008‐06‐07: Xenolinguistics link‐fix, Futurese intermission quote, and Trek Rant archive revamp

2008‐05‐21: chasing Language Log

2008‐05‐06: a huge wave of tiny HTML tweaks, all over

2008‐04‐29: more link updates

2008‐04‐18: spring cleaning: link‑fixes and‐ifications

2008‐04‐01: ouch!  LAN reshuffles (again)

2008‐02‐29: Ranto feedback; SF Chronophysics gets a whole new added dimension

2008‐02‐24: more link‐fixes for Astronomically Unlikely and B5 Mk2

2008‐01‐29: fix an SF Chronophysics misattribution

2008‐01‐14: an especially tiny Ranto clarification

2008‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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