2009‐11‐20: more hardware

2009‐11‐06: some de‐jargonising in my Ranto appendices

2009‐10‐05: simplifying a Ranto example

2009‐08‐29: network reshuffle

2009‐08‐15: retro‐futurological postscript on Teaching Machines™; also some URL slippage fixes

2009‐07‐14: archiving yet another external link on the same page and adding new internal ones everywhere else

2009‐07‐05: pickling the B5 gripes link

2009‐06‐26: my most pedantic HTML‐linting sweep ever

2009‐06‐02: and it's twenty years since my last phonology class – time I updated some of my terminology… [since rehoused]

2009‐05‐31: happy tenth birthday Hurakan!

2009‐05‐26: improved language‑related links

2009‐05‐24: this time it's the turn of my Language #4892 pages to get corrections

2009‐05‐21: more amendments for the Spelling Reform page

2009‐05‐09: tÿpo‐fixes

2009‐04‐28: tiresome Ranto link‐maintenance [since rehoused]

2009‐04‐14: FAQ update

2009‐04‐03: various extra inter‐page links

2009‐04‐01: Babel 2.0, a tall tale of epic fail

2009‐03‐17: new tag for the Contents page, minor tweaks to the Spelling Reform and Phonemic Transcription [since rehoused] pages

2009‐03‐02: Esperanto typo a‑go‑go

2009‐02‐14: another neatly timed gift for my computer [since retired]

2009‐01‐20: opining (#32)

2009‐01‐14: fix a CSS1ism in my stylesheets

2009‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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