2010‐12‐17: (interim) CV upgrade

2010‐12‐16: adjusting my fontstacks, here, there, and everywhere, as well as some more images

2010‐12‐12: maintenance on some images (e.g. above), stylesheetery, and another link

2010‐12‐03: pruning deadwood on my links page

2010‐12‐01: major reshuffles upstairs, which also mean importing Xibalba and Emmental material into my directory and trimming my PC homepage

2010‐11‐03: fix an internal link between Ranto pages [since reshuffled]

2010‐11‐01: network update

2010‐10‐31: some extra spookiness for Halloween

2010‐10‐01: at last an intro page; and some extra anti‑Esperantism

2010‐09‐16: minor updates to some geeky trivia [since retired] and a long‐overdue major refit for my mailto page

2010‐08‐01: final wave of HTML‐polishing (all now Strictly 4.01)

2010‐07‐16: cobweb‐polishing – updating the HTML but not the content on various antique pages

2010‐07‐15: HTML‐polishing reaches the Trek Rant directory

2010‐07‐13: JBR RP update [since rehoused] (my father is no longer a retired vicar)

2010‐07‐10: the polishing reaches my retro‑futurology section

2010‐07‐01: polishing logs

2010‐06‐20: extra JBR RP pronunciation examples [since rehoused]

2010‐06‐01: oh, the irony; MSIE8 fixes for my Linux bigotry page

2010‐05‐25: major changes to our local network

2010‐04‐10: more

2010‐04‐05: afterthoughts from style guide feedback

2010‐04‐01: a Linux/linguistics geekery combo; plus general HTML restyling in that directory

2010‐03‐20: same again (twice)

2010‐02‐06: pickling an unfixable link

2010‐01‐05: time for a round of link‐fixing

2010‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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