2011‐11‐26: extra Unicode punctuation (e.g. here), new phonological [since rehoused] and orthographic examples

2011‐11‐04: latest Ranto tweaks

2011‐10‐31: stealth upgrades to Nosferanto

2011‐08‐26: pickling another degenerate link

2011‐08‐04: further Ranto Unicodification

2011‐06‐02: signpost external links (throughout)

2011‐06‐01: creeping Ranto Unicodification

2011‐05‐26: fixing some URL‐slippage in the Linux directory

2011‐05‐04: Ranto still un‐Unicoded

2011‐04‐14: time for updates to my FAQ page

2011‐04‐01: a new section – SF Exobiology Top Tropes

2011‐02‐18: CSS for orthography/phonology [since rehoused] pages (which already have all the Unicode they want [for now])

2011‐02‐17: one conlang gets CSS tricks and Unicodified IPA; but Futurese just gets the CSS until diacritics stack more reliably [2013!]

2011‐02‐13: overhaul of stylesheetery in the other sense (e.g. real Unicode en‐dashes)

2011‐02‐06: biennial distro update [since retired]

2011‐02‐04: latest Ranto enhancements

2011‐02‐03: the pronunciation of pronunciation [since rehoused] (and of some jargon)

2011‐01‐31: infrastructure reshuffles, centralising CSS and moving the current log alongside all the others

2011‐01‐30: CV revamp, leapfrogging from a DTD too old for my validator to one that's too new

2011‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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