2012‐12‐21: this is all you're getting

2012‐12‐17: sneak in a Ranto mailbox link‐fix and a couple more pronunciation examples [since rehoused]

2012‐11‐23: tweaking font‐stacks, and experimenting with webfontage; plus some new pronunciation examples [since rehoused]

2012‐10‐14: quarterly Ranto tweaks

2012‐10‐11: deprecate affricate ligatures on pages with Unicode phonetic symbols [some since rehoused]

2012‐10‐01: old content – happy twentieth birthday to Star Trek Mark Two

2012‐09‐01: new content – Ostamer, a con‐trick language

2012‐07‐29: distrowatching [since retired] and xenolinguistics link‐pickling

2012‐07‐14: same again

2012‐04‐14: at last some new Ranto improvements

2012‐04‐01: ESL page tweaks

2012‐02‐26: more link maintenance, more and linkier JBR RP pronunciations [since rehoused]

2012‐01‐31: link maintenance (Warner Bros don't want us to remember Babylon 5)

2012‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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