2013‐12‐11: postscript for retro‐futurology appendix item #3 (no, still not Nelson Mandela)

2013‐12‐02: a wave of trivial tweaks, updates, and tie‐ins

2013‐12‐01: this year's new material at last – Alternese

2013‐11‐07: finish off Ranto typeface standardisation

2013‐11‐05: expand a Ranto appendix [since rehoused]

2013‐10‐02: I nearly forgot this Ranto page amendment

2013‐10‐01: better signposting on my phonemic transcription page [since rehoused]

2013‐09‐11: a Trekkie attribution fix (and some less cryptic abbreviations), only two decades late!

2013‐09‐01: (once Demon fix their FTP servers) more stylesheetery; also, get rid of some Ranto page tables

2013‐08‐05: stylesheet tweaks

2013‐06‐04: isolationist recount on my Ranto pages [since rehoused]

2013‐06‐01: gratuitous compression upgrades for my PNG‐format images

2013‐05‐05: biennial Debian releases update [since retired]

2013‐03‐17: a few more phonemic examples [since rehoused]; and my Ranto pages can stop using fake Cyrillic

2013‐03‐04: some link taxidermy and tweaks to existing URLs

2013‐03‐01: finally retiring the nineties‐style seven‐bit substitutes for IPA on my Phonemic Transcription [since rehoused] and Futurese pages, with knock‐on effects on (e.g.) my Links page

2013‐01‐28: a departure

2013‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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