2014‐12‐12: warning notice for some antique links [now gone]

2014‐12‐01: yet another spooky coincidence for Nosferanto

2014‐11‐21: Ranto updates

2014‐11‐09: more distrowatching [since retired]

2014‐11‐06: distrowatching [since retired]

2014‐11‐01: updates to my oh‐so‐unfashionable Links page

2014‐09‐19: looks like I get to keep my .uk URL… but meanwhile here's an unrelated opinion

2014‐08‐21: Ranto additions

2014‐08‐16: Asimov's Visit to the World's Fair of 2014 reviewed

2014‐08‐01: phonemic transcription page addenda [since rehoused], including a new section [ditto]

2014‐07‐14: back to the bad old days of chasing the HTML validators

2014‐07‐05: terminological harmonisation for two hypothetical languages

2014‐06‐02: last and least, some antique filler items get HTML updates

2014‐05‐29: bonus HTML5ifications (with tenth anniversary addenda) for the Linux directory; but roll back some overambitious Unicode

2014‐05‐26: finish the language side odds and ends [some since rehoused]

2014‐05‐22: euroelection day bonus upgrade for the Esperanto directory

2014‐05‐20: this week, HTML5 for the reviews (futurology and SF books/TV)

2014‐05‐16: HTML5ify the Trek pages to mark a Babylon 5 anniversary

2014‐05‐13: HTML5ify the chronlangs – Futurese, Pleistocenese, and Alternese

2014‐05‐10: bonus HTML5 – a conlang commissioned this week in '95

2014‐05‐06: HTML5ify the SF science series

2014‐04‐29: this week's HTML5ifications, finishing off the infrastructure pages

2014‐04‐22: the Demon site's birthday; starting a big HTML5 rollout

2014‐04‐14: next test‐case: a format‐only CV update

2014‐04‐08: time to stop supporting antique MS software, but first some anti‑Esperanto content upgrades

2014‐04‐02: also, anniversary phrasing tweaks for my ESL page

2014‐04‐01: Babel 2.0 is five today, and becomes my HTML5 guinea pig

2014‐03‐01: declaring the flat roll‑call page defunct

2014‐02‐14: general link sweep (picklings, HTTPSifications, and tidyings)

2014‐02‐13: improved WP links for Nosferanto

2014‐02‐05: new intra‐site links to Crowd‑Hoot, and new Ranto amendments

2014‐01‐26: minor home page revamp

2014‐01‐16: another load of miscellaneous style changes (e.g.: less underlining, more smallcapping)

2014‐01‐10: spelling reform linkfix [since lost]; and IOU one Asimov predictions PS

2014‐01‐02: changing my colourscheme slightly

2014‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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