2015‐12‐01: Esperanto additions

2015‐11‐24: Teaching Machines responsivity upgrade

2015‐11‐21: CSS harmonisation for my green‐edged pages (such as the sitemap)

2015‐11‐12: CSS standards‐compliance, plus some superstitious‐taboo‐compliance

2015‐11‐01: how I pronounce some silent letters [since rehoused]; plus some CSS streamlining

2015‐10‐18: link‑fixing and link‑pickling

2015‐10‐02: after eleven days offline, phew!  (It turned out to be BT's fault)

2015‐10‐01: I'd be doing routine maintenance if my broadband connection was working

2015‐09‐01: additions to the Ranto mailbox (while trimming older entries)

2015‐08‐21: link HTTPSification, stylesheet tweaking, and a CV non‑update

2015‐08‐16: new CSS bugfixes for the latest browsers

2015‐08‐12: minor updates to my style guide page

2015‐08‐01: link tweaks and Ranto Appendix W corrections

2015‐07‐05: more JBR RP [since rehoused]

2015‐07‐01: improve an Esperanto example

2015‐06‐06: a couple of new fantasy Debian packages

2015‐06‐01: restyle this log directory

2015‐05‐31: link‐chasing for a University society and a (late) Linux distro

2015‐05‐21: a PS on Homo (sapiens) neanderthalensis

2015‐05‐14: a couple of new JBR RP examples and a typofix [since rehoused]

2015‐05‐12: biennial image‐crushing sweep

2015‐05‐10: simpler bylines throughout (e.g. above)

2015‐05‐04: A New Improved Hope

2015‐04‐25: more Linux directory bitrot

2015‐04‐17: further token efforts at “responsive design” throughout

2015‐04‐16: to celebrate surviving a farcical server migration, some workarounds for peephole browsers

2015‐04‐01: new Ranto Appendix W, displacing the old one to become Appendix Ĥ

2015‐03‐31: chase Lojban, restyle Trek Rant archive

2015‐03‐30: continued reorganisation

2015‐03‐29: more reshuffling

2015‐03‐28: Demon Webrot Warning (apparently I'm psychic), plus Linux directory bitrot

2015‐03‐22: some extra historical Demonology

2015‐03‐13: creeping HTTPSification

2015‐03‐06: give up fixing links for my spelling reform page

2015‐02‐21: fix my links for the IPA [some since rehoused]

2015‐02‐01: annotate outdated links in antique logs

2015‐01‐26: sorry, now it's the Demon web servers that are getting more and more unreliable…

2015‐01‐02: upgrade a black and white machine to colour

2015‐01‐01: log‐rolling and Ranto tweaks

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