20 Dec 16: another round of extra PNG compression

16 Dec 16: audio links and a borrowed splittable infinitive

15 Dec 16: shift old stuff to the attic and reprioritise the front page

01 Dec 16: Esperanto overhaul IOU

27 Nov 16: extra interpage links

16 Nov 16: various tiny changes, plus new phonological and orthographic examples

01 Nov 16: new content for my GNU/Linux section; and meanwhile, I hereby upgrade all my pages to HTML5.1 (no changes needed)

01 Oct 16: chasing a long retired website and tweaking my stylesheets to combat Microsoft CSS abnormalisation

01 Sep 16: quarterly Esperanto upgrades

01 Aug 16: yet more phonological examples and some CSS tweaks to (e.g.) scrollbars

01 Jul 16: flatten all my <TITLE>s back down to US‐ASCII (plus some more churn)

23 Jun 16: another new constructed language; it may be the least learnable “eurolang” ever but it's even less topical than usual

20 Jun 16: fancy JavaScript left/right arrow‐key navigation for Top Tropes, Conlang #4892, Espe‑Ranto, Retro‑Futurology, and Star Trek directories (plus this one)

17 Jun 16: meanwhile some other links have died, but there are a couple more HTTPSifiable URLs

01 Jun 16: de‐‐ing my ASCII‑IPA links [briefly] and prettifying my Ranto pages

01 May 16: only a decade or so late, 2016's first new page is The Matrix Refactored

22 Apr 16: the URL's nineteenth and probably final anniversary; adding more redirection towards

14 Apr 16: marking the WOFF2 draft spec's birthday (and mine)

10 Apr 16: HTTPSifying old friends and flatmates

01 Apr 16: celebrating twenty years living in this place by an update to the page I wrote after ten

20 Mar 16: more extra examples on my spelling and IPA pages

10 Mar 16: switch to a homebrew linkchecker and immediately detect several obscure links that need fixing

01 Mar 16: time for another wave of Esperanto section improvements

24 Feb 16: tweak navigation stuff in the Trek Rant and Conlang #4892 directories

01 Feb 16: be more consistent about Ursula K Le Guin's true name

10 Jan 16: creeping <HEAD>‐inflation for every single page

02 Jan 16: miscellaneous post‐rollout tweaks, including unshakespeareanisms, new pronunciations, and notation upgrades

01 Jan 16: log‐rolling and Change of Address announcement

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