2017‐12‐14: notionally upgrade everything to HTML5.2

2017‐12‐10: typofixes, additions [since rehoused], and Ranto revisions, plus some PNG squeezing and IPA pedantry

2017‐12‐01: some esoteric typography upgrades

2017‐11‐01: link fixing and PNG‐squeezing

2017‐09‐01: an extra bit of Star Wars trivia and an Esperanto fix that had somehow got lost

2017‐08‐16: a couple of new examples and more link updates

2017‐08‐11: as gradually sinks into the swamp, it's time for a post‐migration reshuffle

2017‐08‐01: new round of Ranto amendments

2017‐07‐01: extra anchors in logs

2017‐05‐16: Google Translate postscript for my SF Xenolinguistics page (plus some link tweaks and HTTPSifications)

2017‐05‐01: inevitable Ranto errata

2017‐04‐22: and today the site's original URL reaches its twentieth and final anniversary

2017‐04‐14: today happens to be (a) my fiftieth birthday, (b) the centenary of Zamenhof's death, and (c) lots of other things besides, so it seemed an appropriate date to wheel out that revamp of my Espe‐Ranto pages that I've been promising

2017‐04‐01: after exactly 21 years in the same rented flat I've finally moved out, so update FAQ

2017‐03‐05: header standardisation, link weeding, and phrasing upgrades

2017‐03‐01: Espe‐Ranto amendments in advance of next month's big overhaul (the few I could split out and “backport”)

2017‐02‐27: celebrating that vigintennial with some cross‐browser font normalisation and home page stylesheeting

2017‐02‐20: nearing the twentieth anniversary of this flat's Internet connection it looks as if the lease may give out before our ISP does, so update intro and FAQ

2017‐02‐16: more CSS tweaks (e.g. to navigation bars)

2017‐02‐01: CSS normalisation and modernisation (e.g. data: URLs)

2017‐01‐14: link tweaks, including on the obvious page

2017‐01‐02: retiring redundant redirection remnants

2017‐01‐01: log‐rolling and incrementing the redirection

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