2018‐12‐02: simplify some front page icons

2018‐12‐01: regular Ranto maintenance

2018‐11‐01: new content!  Another spin‑off from my I hate spin‑offs page

2018‐10‐25: minor amendments to my Futurese and spelling pages

2018‐10‐01: more pronunciations [since rehoused]

2018‐09‐01: quarterly Ranto maintenance

2018‐08‐26: surprise bonus PNG‐squeezings

2018‐08‐25: printability enhancements (all it needs now is browser support)

2018‐08‐14: de‐emojifications and other catch‐up fixes after a fortnight AFK

2018‐07‐25: quickly upload some link tweaks after two weeks of broken broadband

2018‐07‐01: restyled datestamps for all (no more two‐digit years!)

2018‐06‐01: Ranto maintenance

2018‐05‐26: oops, missed a link‐fix

2018‐05‐25: some PNG‐squeezing, link‐chasing, and hyphen‑reinforcing

2018‐04‐14: take down a 2017 “anniversary special” sign

2018‐04‐08: finally dropping support for MSIE8, four years past its EOL

2018‐04‐01: Easter Fools' Day link‐chasing and webfont tweaking

2018‐03‐01: Ranto maintenance and migration datestamping

2018‐02‐01: link fixes and CSS tinkerings

2018‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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