2022‐12‐31: a crumbling link

2022‐12‐18 Day NaN, New Calendar: oops, it's crashed

2022‐12‐17 Day 999, New Calendar: more pronunciations

2022‐11‐15 Day 953, New Calendar: just another round of image-squeezing

2022‐11‐01 Day 939, New Calendar: a backlog of extra links (and postscripts), URL fixes, etc.

2022‐09‐15 Day 906, New Calendar: chasing ISFDB

2022‐08‐15 Day 875, New Calendar: fix some 24‑year‑old bad Welsh

2022‐08‐01 Day 861, New Calendar: a round of URL tweaks

2022‐07‐01 Day 830, New Calendar: JBR RP Key upgrade

2022‐06‐15 Day 814, New Calendar: MSIE EOL, a major step towards supporting no web browsers at all

2022‐06‐01 Day 800, New Calendar: cross‐promotional addendum for my Futurese page

2022‐05‐01 Day 769, New Calendar: updating my Ranto pages

2022‐04‐22 Day 760, New Calendar: sitemap upgrade for the site's silver jubilee!

2022‐04‐14 Day 752, New Calendar: reorganising and expanding the JBR RP section

2022‐04‐01 Day 739, New Calendar: creeping WEBPification

2022‐03‐23 Day 730, New Calendar: looks like I should have named this the Long Count

2022‐03‐01 Day 708, New Calendar: Spelling Reform page updates

2022‐02‐25 Day 704, New Calendar: long net outages make it so much easier to find pages that need fixes!

2022‐02‐01 Day 680, New Calendar: finally found some uses for .webp!  (Here, for instance)

2022‐01‐01 Day 649, New Calendar: log‐rolling

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