2023‐12‐01: link updates, typofixes, and pronunciation examples

2023‐11‐01: back to regular scheduled updates

2023‐10‐29: maximum markup makeover malarkey

2023‐10‐22: much more markup maintenance

2023‐10‐15: a major wave of miscellaneous markup modernisation

2023‐10‐14: finally get uploads working again

2023‐10‐07: “upgraded” webhosting…

2023‐10‐01: extra fantastic statistics

2023‐09‐01: fix a formatting error the size of Jupiter

2023‐08‐01: RIP Chomskybot

2023‐07‐01: a new round of example pronunciations

2023‐06‐01: some wording fixes for Alternese

2023‐05‐01: a note I forgot to add last time

2023‐04‐06: another wave of trivial fixes delayed by a net outage

2023‐02‐15: except now I have to de‑HTTPSify it again

2023‐02‐01: an update now that the oldest living person is only 115

2023‐01‐31: HTTPSifications and a de‑crumbling link!

2023‐01‐01: log‐rolling

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