Five Hundred Trademarks Ending in ‐X

1997 Justin B Rye

How many products ending in X are lying around unremarked in your home?  More than you think, I bet.  Do you have a Moulinex with Filtrex, plugged in with a Volex?  Once you start noticing them, they're everywhere!  It's a conspiracy!

Note that I'm excluding “abbreviations” (GTX, BMX) and genuine personal/placenames (Cox, Halifax), but including all sorts of company and product names, plus anything else that was named by a committee of marketing consultants.

Abix Ablex Acetex Activex Addax Adifax Advantix Aertex
Affymax Affymetrix Airex Airex Airfix Airtex Aix Ajax
Allervax Almex Alpex Amex Ampex Ampiclox Amplex Amplivox
Amtex Andrex Antiquax Apex Aquaplex Aquatex Arexx Arriflex
Artbox Artefax Artex Astex Asymetrix Audax Autoflex Authentex
Avex Avix Avonex Beatex Bendix Bestex Betamax Betox
Bex Bigtrax Biotex Bitrex Blistrex Bolex Boltaflex Briwax
Broflex Burinex Bursamex Calcimax Calortex Caltex Calyx Candex
Carbomix Carbowax Cardiomax Carex Caridex Carmex Ceefax Cellex
Ceporex Cetex Cheesestix Chex Cinefax Cinefex Cinegrafix Cinemax
Cineplex Cinerex Citrix Climax Coldrex Colfax Colorstix Comdex
Compex Conimex Connectix Contax Coparvax Copex Copybox Copydex
Coretex Countax Covox Croydex Crystalex Cubix Cumfilux Cutex
Cybernex Cymex Cyonix Cyrix Dalimix Dataflex Datalux Dataplex
Datex Datix Davex Daypex Dealex Declinax Decoflex Dentinox
Desenex Dettox Diconix Dimplex Directx Drafix Droplix Dulcolax
Dulux Durex Dynamix Dynax Earex Efalex Electrolux Electronix
Elmex Elonex Emex Emulex Ennemix Enzymatix Eolarix Epitex
Equifax Erox Esidrex Eurax Eurotechnix Eventex Everex Exlax
Fanatix Fastex Fax Fedex Felix Feminax Fernox Filmfex
Filofax Filtrex Finlux Flashpix Flex Flix Flotex Fotonex
Forex Formulix Fortiflex Fotex Fox Foxtrax Funfax Gainax
Gallex Genetix Gex Glutenex Goretex Grafixx Grex Hamax
Hanimex Hedex Helix Hemptex Hiprex Histalix Humax Hyflex
Imax Indoflex Informix Innovex Inox Interfax Intertex Isomax
Jenaflex Jetmax Kayrex Kennex Kinox Kintex Kixx Kleenex
Klix K'nex Knickerbox Kodalux Konix Kotex Kwikfix Lantronix
Laraflex Lasemax Lasix Lastex Latex Letex Lex Librex
Linex Linux Linx Lipomatrix Liquitex Logiplex Logistix Logix
Lopex Lurex Lustrex Lux Luxaflex Lynx Maalox Macronix
Magimix Magix Magnavox Magnox Malatex Mandrax Mantronix Marlex
Matchbox Matrix Matrox Maxoptix Maxpax Medianix Melex Melipax
Memax Memorex Memrex Meowmix Metalbox Metalrax Mexinox Mexx
Micrografx Micrologix Micromix Minadex Min‐i‐mix Minix Minox Miramax
Mirex Mobifax Mogex Mondex Morex Motex Moulinex Multimix
Mylex Naugatex Nefax NeoRx Netchex Nicox Nikwax Ninox
Nirex Nirolex Nivarox Nix Nomex Noratex Normax Nutex
Nylax Nynex Nyrex Nytex Obodex Oekotex Ofrex Ohlux
Omnimax Onyx Optex Optiplex Optrex Otex Ovex Panafax
Panaflex Pancrex Panix Panrix Pantex Pantix Paradox Paraflex
Paramax Parkiflex Parvolex Pentax Pepsimax Perspex Pestex Petromax
Phoenix Photax Photoeffex Piccoflex Picolax Pipex Planix Playtex
Plax Plioflex Powermax Powertrax Prestex Primax Proflex Promax
Prostex Protex Pyrex Pyrix Qix Quadrix Queentex Quietex
Quitox Radox Railex Rain‐x Ralgex Readymix Readyspex Redbox
Redex Redux Reflex Regenerex Remoulex Resinox Retix Rexx
Rheox Rheumox Rolex Rolliflex Rolodex Rovex Rowatinex Rox
Rusamex Ryertex Saltofix Sandtex Sanex Sanmex Scidex Scottex
Securix Selex Semprex Semtex Silcatex Simex Simplex Simtex
Sinex Siparex Snapfax Snugglesox Softex Softsox Solarex Solpaflex
Sominex Sonifex Sonix Sosmix Soundelux Spafax Spandex Sparx
Sphinx Spirax Spontex Standox Stax Steelex Steribox Styrex
Sunnex Supermax Suprafax Sweetex Swintex Swix Sympatex Syntex
Systemix Tampax Tartex Tektronix Teletex Ten‐o‐six Terminix Tex
Theodrox Thermotrex Tidibox Timex Tintex Tippex Titex Tixylix
Topex Topmix Topometrix Torpex Transax Translux Trans‐x Trax
Trex Triplex Tuflex Turbomix Turtlewax Twix Ultimax Ultrex
Umax Unifix Unimix Unitex Unix Uvex Valupax Varilux
Varimetrix Vax Vectrex Veinex Velux Verex Victorinox Victrex
Videotex Videx Vilux Virex Vivafax Volex Vortex Vox
Waxtrax Weetabix Weldex Westclox Westrex Wettex Widefax Wildex
Windex Winfax Woodpax Xanax Xatrix Xenix Xerox Xylotox
Xyratex Yonex Youmex Zebraflex Z‐nix Zoladex Zoomfax Zovirax

Those are just the ones I've run into over the past year or so.  If, like me, you're now sick of them, and never want to see another such coinage in your life, then please, please bring this fact to the attention of the advertising industry!

1984 postscript for 1999: “Correspondent X” reports from Canada that the power of the conspiracy has reached Orwellian proportions – they're selling silica gel packets under the trade name MiniPax.  Yes, that's the Newspeak name of the Ministry of Peace.