2004‐12‐31: temporarily [nope]‑ifying some links to friends' pages

2004‐11‐15: more hardware updates (told you) and crosslinks between my geek and non‑geek flamebait pages

2004‐10‐27: hardware updates (more due) and a Quatermass link‐fix

2004‐10‐18: disconfusified some Heinlein‐Hindsight scare‐quotes [since rehoused]

2004‐09‐24: found a pangram for my phonemic transcription page, undid last month's link‐fix and documented an undead computer [since rehoused]

2004‐08‐06: hardware reshuffles and widespread link‐fixes, mostly for ASCII‑IPA

2004‐07‐01: summary update for my Ranto mailbox

2004‐06‐29: fiddly bits – link‑pickling, RAM‑shuffling, and a Georgian horror

2004‐06‐17: network reshuffle

2004‐05‐29: grand opening for the newly expanded Linux section

2004‐05‐10: GeoCities are spring‐cleaning… replacement links

2004‐04‐01: a new essay (yes, new!): Astronomically Unlikely

2004‐03‐12: a contribution that just missed being in Tuesday's batch [since rehoused]

2004‐03‐08: latest Ranto revisions, including Opera fixes and post‐Cold‐War updates to my idea of “Eastern Europe”

2004‐03‐07: chasing a friend's B5 gripes page

2004‐03‐05: another departure means networking changes

2004‐02‐05: more futurese crosspromotions

2004‐01‐20: pursuing H. G. Wells

2004‐01‐12: quietly linked this to this

2004‐01‐05: New Year CV update

2004‐01‐01: log‑rolling and a new Ranto appendix [since rehoused]

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